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Sold Logo: The Type Factory

ID: 82213, Designer: Phunkmonster Posted: Thu, 02/23/2012 - 09:49
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Logo details


The Type Factory is a homage in type to my love of typography and the fact that I hale from an industrial/milltown from the heart of Lancashire in the UK. Name and colour changes are free upon purchase of the design, with the logo being supplied in a variety of professional file formats to meet your production needs. Other design services are also available should you require them and are subject to fee which is negotiable. Any questions are welcome and I while strive to answer them as promptly as possible. Thank you for looking.

Included in price

  • Full and exclusive rights to logo. Sold only once.
  • Formats: EPS, PNG. Also available on request: JPG, PDF, etc.
  • Price includes: text, color, minor design changes.
  • Watermark removed from logo artwork.
  • Designer name and email information.

Copyright info

Rights have been transferred to the client, from designer, Phunkmonster.


amir's picture

great Logo... ;)

emmalou's picture

Liking this...x

royalthorn's picture

hi, thanks for accepting my offer. sorry for not getting back sooner-- i'm in scotland at the moment ( in the middle of nowhere! difficult to get wi-fi) and won't be back in Manchester til sunday, i'll pay for it when i return.

Phunkmonster's picture

Cheers to the buyer, what a great way to start th day :)

paint.box's picture

Congrats Phunkmonster! One of my favs.!

Phunkmonster's picture

Cheers buddy, one of my favs too :)

grego66's picture

Well done Phunkmonster. Is the smoke an anagram of factory with a hidden C?

Phunkmonster's picture

Cheers buddy! Actually no, but I can understand why you'd think that. It wasn't intentional I don't think, unless I did it subconsciously!. Should I really admit to that? ;)

grego66's picture

I was probably looking deeper than I should but it's probably not a bad thing to have a design orientated subconscious, if that's the case :) Good work either way.

amir's picture

Congrats... ;)