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Exclusive Customizable Logo For Sale: Royal (bird)

ID: 92672, Designer: Raffaello Posted: Sun, 04/22/2012 - 17:40
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[title] logo
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Logo details


created this logo, with the idea of ​​seeing him on a plate of color "steel", a label of a consulting / finance / or transport of high values​​. The main color is black, and the only wing views, has a design very "real" that symbolizes the finesse of the form. ROYAL name may sound very "generic", but being that the color uncico "blinding" is precisely this yellow / gold, automatically the name of this company should reflect the whole class behind the black. (I used a translator)

Included in price

  • Full and exclusive rights to logo. Sold only once.
  • Formats: EPS, PNG. Also available on request: JPG, PDF, etc.
  • Price includes: text, color, minor design changes.
  • Watermark removed from logo artwork.
  • Designer name and email information.
  • Designer available for further work.

Copyright info

Designer of the logo, Raffaello, reserves all rights. Rights will be transferred to the client on purchase.