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Sold Logo: Neat Bird

ID: 325, Designer: molumen Posted: Fri, 02/05/2010 - 20:45

Logo details


Logo for any business that wants to convey traditional values.


Animal, bird, elegant, crown, royal

Included in price

  • Full and exclusive rights to logo. Sold only once.
  • Formats: EPS, PNG. Also available on request: JPG, PDF, etc.
  • Price includes: text, color, minor design changes.
  • Watermark removed from logo artwork.
  • Designer name and email information.
  • Designer available for further work.

Copyright info

Rights have been transferred to the client, from designer, molumen.


mccflitt's picture

If I was to purchase this, does this come in a .eps Vector format? Also am I able to change the wording and will you give me the typeface or let me know what it is? Sorry I haven't bought from here before. Can you have a look at my brief too 'the Imperial Hotel' as your design is sort of what we are looking for. Cheers.

molumen's picture


The format that you'll get when purchasing a logo is vector (EPS). The typeface unfortunately cannot be shared (it is copyrighted) but I can tell you what fonts these are:

- the font I used for the name is Bickham Script Pro Regular (it is part of the Adobe Font Folio, look here: http://www.adobe.com/type/browser/landing/bickham.html). The font is a little tweaked (actually the overall shape is the same, I just touched a few nodes here and there).

- the one used for the tag line is Bell Gothic Std Light (you can purchase it here: http://www.linotype.com/13500/bellgothiclight-font.html) with a wide tracking.

If you buy the logo you will automatically get my contact information in case you'd like to ask more questions or hire me for a job (like creating a full corporate identity, business cards design, catalogs, etc...).

Thank you.

mccflitt's picture

Thank for this Molumen. I just need to check with the panel who is deciding on the logo for the Hotel. They may be concerned that it's birds rather than a lion, but I guess you could alter the same design to reflect this? In that scenario would the fee be the same? Cheers

molumen's picture

Yes, I think that the price will be around the same amount since it will be roughly the same amount of work to create a lion design.

mccflitt's picture

I'm going to speak to the panel to see if we can use a bird/eagle rather than being stuck on a lion.

molumen's picture

Thanks for the feedback, let me know what will be their decision about the bird, but in case they'll decide to go with the lion design I can create something for you and post it here on your brief.
Tank you!

mccflitt's picture

Yep, they want the Lion. I like the bird, but it doesn't go with the history of the pub. Thanks again Molumen

mccflitt's picture

Do you mind having a crack at doing it with a Lion? I like how it looks established, not too royalist, even though they are, and it's clean. The colours are probably more federation as its a heritage pub.




molumen's picture

OK, I'll design a lion logotype in the same style as this bird. Thanks for the feedback!

mccflitt's picture

Looking forward to seeing what you are going to do with the Lion. I really like what you have done with the birds. Thanks again.

mccflitt's picture

Great. Just bought your logo and someone elses. I need to take both to the panel and work out which one they will go with. I like both, but I haven't seen yours with the Lion but looking forward to it. I have use for both logos anyway. Let me know how you want to get in contact with me other than here, otherwise my skype account is mccflitt, Sydney Australia Cheers

mccflitt's picture

The name of the hotel is 'The Imperial Hotel' plus the words in smaller type need to be included 'Paddington' (the area) and 'est 1910'

Obviously this logo needs to appear on the glass door, coasters, website, glasses possibly, doormats and possibly wine bottles.

Thank you!