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Exclusive Customizable Logo For Sale: Kasatschok - The Russian Way of Life

ID: 19192, Designer: XBlueDivision Posted: Sun, 03/13/2011 - 10:53
Kasatschok - The Russian Way of Life logo
Kasatschok - The Russian Way of Life logoKasatschok - The Russian Way of Life logoKasatschok - The Russian Way of Life logoKasatschok - The Russian Way of Life logoKasatschok - The Russian Way of Life logoKasatschok - The Russian Way of Life logo

Logo details


An abstract Kazachok dancer.

Possible uses

Logo for a russian business.

Included in price

  • Full and exclusive rights to logo. Sold only once.
  • Formats: EPS, PNG. Also available on request: JPG, PDF, etc.
  • Price includes: text, color, minor design changes.
  • Watermark removed from logo artwork.
  • Designer name and email information.

Copyright info

Designer of the logo, XBlueDivision, reserves all rights. Rights will be transferred to the client on purchase.


jaxonart's picture

I have no idea what the name means but I like it! :) It makes me smile.

neradi's picture

It is:
"Kozachok (Ukrainian: Koзaчoк) or kazachok (Russian: Kaзaчoк) is a folk dance from Ukraine. It is a fast, linear, couple-dance in 2/4, typically in a constantly increasing tempo and of an improvisatory character in a major key. The woman leads and the man follows, imitating her figures- she signals movement changes by hand clapping."

neradi's picture

No ti's not alright, because now you must learn to play kazachok. :)))))))

molumen's picture

An example of the Kazachok dance: :))))

molumen's picture

No, it wasn't accidental, it's an old Ukrainian tradition called 'Kill The Baby While You Dance'. In the old times, it was meant to control population growth in a rather funny way (because of the lack of contraceptives they had to prevent the population from overgrowing), now it is just used as a funny dance move during country fairs. Look at this Wikipedia article, it explains this old tradition in a very detailed way:

neradi's picture

Hi molumen,
this first time that I hear something like this. But, human beings wouldn't be human beings when they wouldn't do some crazy things.
Thanks, Ratko.

MBMedia's picture

Hehehe, don't let any Ukrainians see this. Any of them that I know would probably throw a few punches for calling Ukrainian dance a "Russian way of life" :) It's kind of like calling a Tibetan tradition a "Chinese way of life"...similar feelings for Ukrainians toward Russia :)

Tolyambo's picture

I'm from Russia and I can say that that a lot of Russians call themselves "Kazaky".They live in Kuban' mostly and dress like real Kazaky )
Kazachock is not only the dance,it is the name of small Kazak)