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Sold Logo: celebrate life love nature

ID: 82423, Designer: NancyCarterDesign Posted: Sat, 02/25/2012 - 11:50
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Logo details


Turning cartwheels, flipping over love, nature and life! Theis beautiful logo is applicable to any company, coffee trader, distributor, or artisan roaster, crafts woman. Shapes and colors collide and dance in this joyful image of a human figure. Great for a marketplace, farmer's market, non-profit, charity, arts store, crafts fair or event day of healthy sales. Products represent planetary awareness, preservation and support of the interconnectivity community of artists. A source for individuals and businesses interested in natural health, ecological lifestyles, personal growth and sustainable commerce. And a marketplace to find artisan- and hand-crafted fair trade jewelry, art, home décor, furniture and scarves. Preserve native arts and improve the quality of life for communities in countries near and far. Fair trade products make perfect, unique gifts for any occasion. If you like this design, you might also like: *** http://stocklogos.com/logo/crafty-craft-tree *** *** http://stocklogos.com/logo/love-bird-candy-shop *** *** http://stocklogos.com/logo/tree-life-1 *** *** http://stocklogos.com/logo/springtime-gifts *** *** http://stocklogos.com/logo/tea-tree *** Key ideas: art, artisan, arts, celebration, coffee, crafts, fair, farmer, food, joy, nature, person, tree

Included in price

  • Full and exclusive rights to logo. Sold only once.
  • Formats: EPS, PNG. Also available on request: JPG, PDF, etc.
  • Price includes: text, color, minor design changes.
  • Watermark removed from logo artwork.
  • Designer name and email information.
  • Designer available for further work.

Copyright info

Rights have been transferred to the client, from designer, NancyCarterDesign.


inGenious's picture

wow, very good!

Phunkmonster's picture

Great work Nancy, I like the typography too :)

modular's picture


leephuoc's picture

very nice!!

amir's picture

nice logo

farhanzee's picture

wow lovely ! added to ma favrt

NancyCarterDesign's picture

Bidder, thank you for your offer. I am sorry it is too low. I have lowered the price as far as I am willing. The lower price will remain for 48 hours.

Thanks again!

spencejl's picture

Gorgeous! Would you be willing to change the words to celebrate life * celebrate emotional health * celebrate love ??

NancyCarterDesign's picture

I'd be happy to make those changes! It's early in the am here and will make them for you early tomorrow. :)

spencejl's picture

Hi again! Thank you! Would a couple more changes be ok? Can you do.. Celebrate the journey of insight & emotional well being ??

Also, at the bottom in Black in a larger and different font.. Can you write... Coping at Home Counseling Services
and underneath that ...

spencejl's picture

Hi! Me again... how about instead of well being..the word health..

Also, and underneath coping at home.. .Jennifer L Spencer, MSW, LICSW

spencejl's picture

Lastly...sorry about echeck... that was a mistake because it takes longer :(
But I know I am going to LOVE this logo :))))

spencejl's picture

LAST! Actually please STAY with the well being and forget health

spencejl's picture

PLEASE READ THIS FIRST... I don't know HOW you do this! I keep going back and forth.. I keep making the saying too looong...

how about... Celebrate Insight * Celebrate Healing * Celebrate Counseling

Underneath the tree in Black maybe or a bold color.. Coping At Home, counseling services
Jennifer L Spencer, MSW, LICSW

looking forward to hearing from you :)))))

NancyCarterDesign's picture

Hi Jennifer

Here is a link to the revised logo. http://s309.photobucket.com/albums/kk395/ncarter11/?action=view&current=celebratelife2.png I'd rather keep a generic version in my portfolio, if you don't mind. When you purchase the logo, email me (my contact information will appear in the upper right panel) - we can work directly to finalize the design!

Glad you like it - it's one of my favs!

spencejl's picture

Hi!! The only thing that needs to change is the first few words around the tree.. Change celebrate Life to Celebrate insight...

it looks sooooooo good! So glad I found it!

Let me know when you receive payment..it is in process with paypal and the funds have been deducted from my acct .. :)

inGenious's picture

Congrats Nancy!

modular's picture


Melanie D's picture

Congrats! Great logo!