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Sorry for slow approvals

Dear designers, we're experiencing technical difficulties with logo approvals. We should be back to normal within 48h.

Thanks for your patience!

6 days 16 hours ago
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Unsold logos in use - Part.6 (read opening post, please)

Your logos are copyrighted.

Using Google Search by Image or TinEye, you can search for cases of copyright infringement.

If you find that one of your unsold logos is illegally being used by a third party, start by contacting them and politely ask them to either buy the logo to acquire the...

10 months 3 weeks ago
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Payment for designers without a PayPal account


We, designers without a PayPal account, have an issues with payment (I can't be the only one), the only option for payment by the site is Paypal, a lot of countries don't even have that.

Wire transfer was a god send, but now it is gone. :(

So far, I sold 2 logos with no way of receiving money from StockLogos, they remain on hold for god knows how long. Until this issue is solved, I won't add any more...

12 months 23 hours ago
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Multiple search terms

Hi everyone. When searching for multiple keywords, shouldn't they be processed as an AND operation by default? I mean, if you're looking for a logo for your Italian restaurant, you don't want to see just any restaurant logo plus any Italian-related logo. You're expecting to see only the designs that are based on BOTH words. What do you think? Does this make sense?

1 month 3 days ago
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Regarding copy right and similarities in our work

i was wondering, if one takes inspiration from another work does that pose some risk when it comes on copyrights of the original work ?

my problem happened last night, when i got a message from the co admin stating that i stole the work (left) and put it in my design (right) while i did take inspiration from that work, i dont see it as it was stolen ? the full joker is in the middle, it was cut in final design since 70% of...

5 months 1 week ago
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little and no sales / solution for

my last was logo sold to two months and this process takes place two years already, after a great rigidly "new" stock "laws", I came this forum and listened to conversations that sales would increase in past, Today it was exactly the opposite, including big sellers here in this site and nancy D. melaine think they sell today 3 logos per month is a lot. it's a shame.

You promote by adwors and facebook ads?...

7 months 5 days ago
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Server error 500

I'm trying to upload a logo from last week, eventually ended-up with 'Server error 500'. I have properly filled up required fields and the logo and logo images are up to the standards.
Has anyone else got this error?

1 year 2 months ago
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Most searched for concepts

If you are looking to design logos in the most popular subjects here are the top concepts searched for on StockLogos:

"food", "tree", "travel", "pet", "house" / "home", "world", "estate", "global", "real estate", "happy", "community", "dog", "water", "car", "green", "beauty", "music", "health", "connections", "flower", "star", "agency", "pooch", "heart", "coffee", "bird", "joy", "forever", "fashion", "kids", "baby", "...

1 year 7 months ago
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Flagged logos questions v4

Please help us identify logo violations by flagging them using the Report Logo button on the logo page itself.

If a case is ambiguous, before flagging, post here so the community can collectively decide on it.

Also, in cases of plagiarism or clip-art usage, kindly take a screen capture. Sometimes, the infringing user deletes the logo before we see the flag; it will help us if you post a link to the...

1 year 10 months ago
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Designer unavailability feature

Hi all, I am wondering is there a way to enable/disable logo here? The reason why I need this is that everytime I use my logo on my store to compete in other site I had to delete it here and when the logo didn't win I had to re-upload it here along with the details which is a pain.


1 year 1 month ago