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Unsold logos in use - Part.5 (read opening post, please)

Your logos are copyrighted.

Using Google Search by Image or TinEye, you can search for cases of copyright infringement.

If you find that one of your unsold logos is used by a third party, start by contacting them and politely ask them to either buy the logo to...

11 months 2 weeks ago
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It seems that SL is now taking issue with the use of the non-word term "keyideas:" in the description field and it is now a cause for rejecting a logo.

I think they were also rejecting it for improper punctuation and capitalization. It must follow a period and a space and then start with a capital K... but that, of course, applies to "keywords."

I asked SL to do a search and replace for me since I have nearly 800...

1 month 2 weeks ago
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Descriptions and Business Use are too strict

We all know that the admin at stocklogos follows the upload rules to a T, however sometimes the rules are followed so closely that the customer ends up worse off for it, and here is a great example of that.

Stocklogos wants us to include a description that can have "key ideas" or concepts added to the description, however if those key ideas even SLIGHTLY venture into the territory of a business use, the logo will be...

3 months 2 weeks ago
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Are you considering an iPad Pro + Apple Pencil for your logo design...

Apple introduced the iPad Pro, with a 12.9-inch Retina display with 5.6 million pixels, and a new 64-bit A9X chip, that makes it as fast as most portable PCs.

Apple also introduced Apple Pencil for iPad Pro, a precision input device, which makes drawing and sketching feel natural according to reports thanks to reduced latency. Apple promises great accuracy for activities like fine art illustration and detailed 3D design....

3 weeks 3 days ago
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Double resolution images

About 20% of our traffic comes from retina resolution mobile devices and appr. 5% from high-resolution desktop devices. This means appr. every 4th person looking at the site experiences slightly fuzzy images, which may lower the appeal.

Do you support the idea to increase the resolution of the provided images to double size in order to show sharper images? This would mean instead of 400x400px, we would serve 800x800px...

6 months 2 weeks ago
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Is this logo cliché?

I am shocked and disappointed that Stocklogos admin considers the above logo to be cliché.

Reason for rejection: "Sorry, not accepted. As indicated in our rules (, you must avoid logo clichés for the entire logo or as part of the logo."

Have the standards changed to the point where a human body seamlessly blending into the exact shape...

2 months 1 week ago
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What vector application do designers use?

We asked the audience of Brands of the World: designers, printing house operators and other professionals working in the design field: What vector application do you use?

We received 179 responses that break down as follows:

  1. Creative Cloud: 65
  2. CS6: 62
  3. CS5: 37
  4. CS4 or older: 11
  5. Corel...
7 months 2 weeks ago
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This logo has potential, please work on it more and resubmit

Hi dears

These two logos has been rejected for : This logo has potential, please work on it more and resubmit. Thank you.

Do you have any ideas to apply in order to make them stand out ?


2 months 1 week ago
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Time to Raise the Minimum Price?

What do you guys think about the current $99 minimum logo price on stocklogos? I think it might be time to raise this amount, and I propose a modest increase to $125.
here's some reasons I've come up with in favor of raising the minimum price:

-inflation. the price of everything made is subject to some kind of inflation, why not logo design? how will designers ever really see a meaningful pace kept with inflation if...

2 months 2 weeks ago