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Change of rules: Description field is optional too

Dear Designers,

Some of you requested to make the description field optional as it poses a challenge to follow our rules in some cases. We are committed to make the process as simple and painless as possible.

After careful consideration and evaluating the results of the possible uses field becoming optional earlier, we decided to adopt the recommendation and made the description field...

8 hours 15 min ago
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Server error 500

I'm trying to upload a logo from last week, eventually ended-up with 'Server error 500'. I have properly filled up required fields and the logo and logo images are up to the standards.
Has anyone else got this error?

2 weeks 5 days ago
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I would like to know why my posts were deleted

Did I ask uncomfortbale questions that you did not want to answer?

2 weeks 15 hours ago
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keywords and searches issues

recently I got many rejection for description and keywords I think this co-admin think that buyers are blind and they can't recognize what they buy, I think instead of that you must work more on your search engine for example when you search "heart fly" your search result show all logos that has any one of this keywords but in other sites show results that has both of them in description.

2 days 18 hours ago
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Unsold logos in use - Part.5 (read opening post, please)

Your logos are copyrighted.

Using Google Search by Image or TinEye, you can search for cases of copyright infringement.

If you find that one of your unsold logos is used by a third party, start by contacting them and politely ask them to either buy the logo to...

1 year 1 month ago
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The problem of the blue

Dear admins,

I received a message that I activate/verify my Paypal account.
In my vendor profile is specified wire transfer to a bank account. You approved it two days ago.
Why do I have to fix something that is not listed in my profile vendor?
I can not get the money for my three sold the logo for more than two months.

I registered on the Stocklogos since 2011. And then there was no problem getting...

1 month 5 days ago
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Logo rejection

My patient limit has been reached.

I understand that you've made new, very strict rules, that should apply to the logos uploaded here on stocklogos and that is completely fine. IF the NEW rules should apply to the NEW logos.

I just changed the PRICE on one of my logos and afterwards it was rejected.

I have over a hundred logos uploaded here, and I refuse to edit every single one of them to make them fit into...

1 month 6 days ago
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It seems that SL is now taking issue with the use of the non-word term "keyideas:" in the description field and it is now a cause for rejecting a logo.

I think they were also rejecting it for improper punctuation and capitalization. It must follow a period and a space and then start with a capital K... but that, of course, applies to "keywords."

I asked SL to do a search and replace for me since I have nearly 800...

3 months 1 week ago
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Descriptions and Business Use are too strict

We all know that the admin at stocklogos follows the upload rules to a T, however sometimes the rules are followed so closely that the customer ends up worse off for it, and here is a great example of that.

Stocklogos wants us to include a description that can have "key ideas" or concepts added to the description, however if those key ideas even SLIGHTLY venture into the territory of a business use, the logo will be...

5 months 6 days ago