Need logo and name (Ice Cream Shop - Café)

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About your Company/Product/Service

We are a brand new Italian Hard Ice Cream shop, cafeteria, juice bar, frozen yogurt. We would like to communicate: nature, fun, style, low fat, rich flavour, energy, airy.

Special Requirements

Please, ask me any question could be useful.

Your objectives

Our customers are young, families, offices workers, city dwellers. A place where people go because they find fun, quality and style. Don't need the name and/or design will be strictly related to the ice cream idea, it could be useful a slogan for that.


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Are your shop in a city, at the osean or in the country? Are there tables where customers can sit and enjoy the icecream, or are they just take away? What is the color of your shop?

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Hi Elizamar, the shop will be in the city center, with tables for customers. This is the projecting phase, so the colors are not yet defined. Feel free to use the colors you think suit the best.

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Hi Megan X.

thank you for your interest. I was thinking about something more abstract, don't need that the name and/or the design are strictly related with the ice cream idea

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Thank you for the reply, i took your point and i will send you a new design of mine as soon as possible!

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Hello Fabrizio,

I'm a copywriter, 8+ years in the business, and I believe that I could come up
with some great, available and unique name(s) for your ice cream shop.

I can offer you a professional brand name creation service and legal availability name(s) check (in Europe as well Internationally).

Please contact the StockLogos Admin and ask them if they are willing to give you my contact e-mail for the purpose of brand-name creation.

Thank you!



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Hello Siny,

Thank you for your concern in my contest.
My contest is open to all who want take part.

Thank you

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Hi Fabrizio,

thank you for your reply!

Just wanted to point out that logo design and brand name creation are two very different things...

There are some great people here and I really hope you will get the great logo design - "packed" along with the appropriate and legally free to use name.

In case that you are not 100% satisfied with the proposed brand-names upon the end of the contest - just contact the StockLogos admin for my contact info.

Good luck with your project!



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Hi Siny,

I got your point but I have to keep in check my budget. I am going to open a small business.

Thank you Best regards


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What country is the business located? Thanks!

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Hi Fabrizio1966, I'm really interested in your project but i need more informations about it to make a proposition.
Did you now something about the style you want to give at your shop : design, vintage ?
thank you !!

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Hi Naturalcom, thank you for your interest in my contest, I prefer modern design.

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Hi Fabrizio!
Should i draw a logo for your contest, with so few days for the deadline!?
I would like to know, if it's possible to you to say, if you haven't yet some winner in mind?
I'm not a great copy, so, until now no "super" name come to my mind for your business, but i would love to design some concept to you, so, i'm wondering if you will choose only based on a logo+name...


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Hi PSoares, thank you for your interest in my contest. The contest will end on friday so everything could be till that time.

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Hi Fabrizio1966, First of all, I would like to say thank you for liking all my proposal of logos. Knowing that, this contest is going to end soon and perhaps you can select one of the logo which you think is the Best of the Best. This is because, I need to develop the 'Full Package" application inclusive of color specifications, the logo usage applications and the standard corporate identity. Appreciate you can drop me an email or post your comment under the logo that you like so that I can work on it real soon for you. So, I really hope to hear some good news from you.... Thank you and Cheers.........! :)

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The contest is going to end, I would say thank you to all of you who was involved in my contest. It' s really a hard job take the final decision, as very different styles of design are came out and many designers are really valued. Finally I taken my decision. Again, thank you so much.