Inner Goddess Nutrition and wellness

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About your Company/Product/Service

I am a 30 year old woman and my company/services target market is to adults more female than male. I am a health coach and will be teaching people how to lead happier and healthier lives. We focus on bringing out the inner god or goddess in everyone of our clients. Meaning bringing out the best in everyone.

Special Requirements

Designs on the site I like are prima Donna, lady love, lotus lady,Paris lady, and pretty angel.

Target audience

Basically all adults more women than men.

Your objectives

Woman and men age range of 18-100. People wanting to better themselves in every way possible.


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I like the ones that incorporate the color pink In them it is my favorite color I enjoy some green as well. The designs that have some type of person in them is great too. I also love the heart shapes:)

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No I don't teach yoga. Just do nutritional coaching and life coaching. I actually am looking for more of a lady figure than someone in a yoga pose the yoga poses are nice but want more of a woman since the majority of my clients are women and my company name is more female. If you check out the other logos I like on the site you will probably have a better idea of what I'm looking for. I liked prima Donna, lady love, Paris lady, and pretty angel. I think the lotus lady one is kinda ok as we'll:) thanks!

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do give your comments on the logo above thank