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Posting contest

After careful consideration we decided to discontinue contests on StockLogos. This will be done in the following weeks. In the meantime, this page will remain as reference for existing contests.

If you can't find a pre-made logo you like in the logo store you can post a contest for our designers. On the contest page you can describe your company, your target audience, your objectives and other special requirements. Our designers from all around the world will submit dozens of options specifically designed for your requirements. You can give them feedback on the logos posted and pick a winner when the contest is closed. After you choose a winner, you will receive all files for that particular logo.

Posting contests is great way to get your logo designed because you get a huge selection of logos designed specifically according to your requirements and you only have to pay for the best one chosen by you.

How to post a contest

Register on StockLogos if you haven't already done so. Click the upload contest link. On the create contest form you can give information to our designer about your business so we can design logo that serves your business needs perfectly.

Name of Company/Product/Service field is what the logotype should be. Use the shortest version of your company or product name that you want to see in the logo. Do not include Inc. or Ltd. if you don't want to see it in your logo.

Target Audience field describes your clients or customers. Tell us who is buying your service or your product. Be as specific as possible as this determines the style and tonality of the logo. Describe a typical customer of yours.

About your Company/Product/Service field should describe what you're selling. If it's a service tell us how and what you do or if it's a product what it looks like and how it works. Feel free to attach images to better explain us your business.

Special requirements field should be used if there is information about the application of your identity that we should be aware of. For example if the logo needs to use certain colours, shapes, technology etc.

Price packages. The higher the price the more and better logos you will receive for your brief.

Here is an average guideline on how many logos each price point will generate:

  • Bronze Package: $300 prize + $75 fee: appr. 50 logos or more.
  • Silver Package: $400 prize + $100 fee: appr. 75 logos or more.
  • Gold Package: $500 prize + $125 fee: appr. 100 logos or more.
  • Platinum Package: $600 prize + $150 fee: appr. 125 logos or more.

All contests are private and blind. This means contests are only visible to logged in users and not to anonymous visitors or search engines. Designers can't see each other's designs. Only the contest holder can see all the designs.

Options on the contest:

Highlight option attracts more designers. Highlight the brief and get extra promotion in social media.

Additional design elements can be selected which will be designed and sent to you after the winning logo has been chosen.

How can you pay

Once you filled out the contest form you have to save it, then you have proceed to payment.

On StockLogos currently you can pay with PayPal or Credit Card processed by PayPal. This is a very safe way to do business online PayPal is the world's biggest payment processor.

Please note that if you pay with eCheque on PayPal the transaction takes approximately 3 working days to go through. If you experience problems with payment for any reason you can contact us to process your credit card manually. Please contact us.

What happens next

After you posted the contest the designers will start uploading their designs within a few hours. You can rate these designs according to the following options:

  • Liked - means you like the logo, but it doesn't mean you choose it as a winner just yet
  • Not Liked - means the logo answers the contest requirements, but doesn't appeal to you emotionally

Designers will be notified by your rating and it's important to give them feedback so they can refine their designs and give you more ideas. You can also comment on the logos to give more feedback.

Contests last for 10 days.

You can extend the contest once for 10 days more.

You can close the contest at any time.

You can also pick a winner at any time and you will be able to download the files for that logo immediately.

After the closing of contest you have 30 days to pick a winner.

What files do you get

By default you receive an EPS four colour process vector file, which is resolution independent meaning you can enlarge it to any size without loss of quality. This EPS file can be opened in various platforms and vector applications and it is used by all designers and print houses for correct reproduction of your logo. This file should be used for all purposes when working with designers or printing it on any surface. From this file any other format at any size can be exported.

You also receive high-resolution PNG file at 2,000x2,000px size which can be used for various applications including business documents or on website profiles.

If needed on request we can provide any other file type you may require including PDF, AI, SVG, JPG and GIF too.

What happens if you don't like any of the logos?

You can extend the contest to receive more options. If the contest receives less than 50 logo designs and none of them are satisfactory we will refund 100% of the cost of the contest.

More help

If you have any questions please contact us by email or chat us up if the operator is available.