We are looking for a logo which will look good as the header for our company on our website. Please view to get a feel (www.wewatchshop.com)

Logo needs to fit with the design for the website.

Needs the website name in the logo (wewatchshop.com) to be clear in the design as the logo will be used on top of invoices and reciepts as well.


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Hi matty072110!

Do you want us to include the tag line "International Fashion brands and labels" in logo design?


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Hi matty072110,

I have uploaded 2 proposals.
1) http://stocklogos.com/logo/wewatchshop
2) http://stocklogos.com/logo/wewatchshop-colored (will be available within 24 hours). However for a quick review you can click here: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2911582262642&set=a.2911570422346.2134466.1053204119&type=1&theater
and click here for its use on your website: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2911587662777&set=a.2911570422346.2134466.1053204119&type=1&theater

Your feedback will be much appreciated. Thanks,


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Hi emindz

Thank you for your time! Liking the second design better.
Ruled out the first, just as not a fan of italics,slanted/flamboyant wording.
Really like the watches designs above the wording on the second design as well.
Only draw back of the second design is the colours, bit too many and much going on.
Would like maybe one colour with white, tending towards redy/orange colour with white.
But am aware colours could be changeable on purchase.

Thank you emindz!!!

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Dear matty072110!

You are welcome! It is a pleasure for working on your interesting project.
I have updated both logos. Hope you get what you need.


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Yeah!! better! think i like the first one more now, very close. Yours is very much being considered so far.
can't really think what to suggest to improve, we'll decide at end of brief, stay tuned...

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here's another simple logo - using initials of your company name my way :) Hope you will also enjoy seeing this among other recommendations.


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Hi matty072110,
Here is my proposal:
Here it is possible to look how it will be on your website and invoice:

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Hi polakx,
Liking this! Just something holding me back on being able to choose it though.
Really like the simple clock design with the wording! A red/orange colour is definately I think what we want in the design.
I think the font of the writing has a official kinda feel, like its a surveliance company maybe.

I think with big bolder font for the writing it could be a contender.

Thank you for your time and work!!

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Hi matty072110,
Thanks for your feedback.
What do you think about changed logo?

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Hi matty072110,
I would like to know what you think about my proposal:

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Hi Ingenious

Thank you for spending time for us!!
The reason i can't see us picking yours is, dare i say it, its a bit 'classy' for us... lol
If we were in the higher end market, or jewellers i could definately see us with this design, but were aiming for the teenagers market and young adults twenty somethings.
Again with a different font tho it could change the whole feel though.
I do like the clock image on the o, a simple visual image with the logo! very much what were looking for.
Thank you for your time!!!

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Thank you for your feedback :)

I change the font type on the 1st proposal:

and I create another proposal for you:

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Hi matty072110, these are my proposals for your logo. It is not always easy to fully reach
the target first time, so please feel free to ask amendments according to
your requirement.
Your feedback will be appreciated



Best Regards
Fabrizio C.

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Hi there fabrizio
Thank you for your time!
Like the second of the two, with the logo connecting with the wording more. like that.
Unfortunately though, im a fan of 'Worlds Strongest Man' competiton...lol
can you see where im going with this, they do similar with their intials. i do really like the second design but the design inside the circle would need to change if we were to accept. If your happy to play around with it im sure we could really end up liking it!
Thank you!!!

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Hi Matty,
Thank you for your reply !!

I have done the change as per your request !
NO ANY MORE "World Strongest Man" :-)

I hope that my proposal catch your attention


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Hi Matty,

Instead of updating your brief, for logos you like, just add your preferred logos to favourites.

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Hello matty072110,

Here's my proposal, please let me know your comments.



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Guys, please try to come up with original ideas. Thanks!

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sure! i'm at ease! Actually, I'm enjoying this contest. I just want to see what can be done without a watch/clock and an eye :)

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clock without clockface?! mmmmmm! idea! – crocodile like LA COSTA! ))

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LOL! what do you think about my avatar/picture (right with my comment)? hmmm

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looks like marine mine!
Maybe it is explosive creative potential? ;)

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Alternate version: http://stocklogos.com/logo/wewatchshop2-0

Feedback is appreciated.

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Heres my try without a watch/clock and an eye :)

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I think that this last proposal for your logo is the best of all my previous ones


Thank you !!!!!!!

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Agreed, is our favorite too. Tops the previous too. Is in our final shortlist. Thank you Fabrizio!

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Hi Matty!
Please take a look at my proposal here http://stocklogos.com/logo/watch-logo
What do you think?

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Hi Matty!
I also uploaded a version with a more visible font, check it out at http://stocklogos.com/logo/watch-logo-0.
If you have suggestions I'm right here.

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Hi Matty,

here you can find my proposal for your brief:


Let me know if you'd like to see some variations.


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Revised: http://stocklogos.com/logo/wewatchshop-2

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Here is my proposal for "wewatchshop.com": http://stocklogos.com/logo/wewatchshopcom-11
The link will be available in 24hrs.
In the preview of the t-shirt and cup and etc. it quite bothers me because it's not visible, but in the big image it's visible so if you still want to see the preview in the t-shirt just tell me and I'll try to upload a better one.

Best Regards,
Jessica Rocha (Alexis)

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▌▐ ▌▐▌▐ ▌▐▌▐ ▌▐▌▐ ▌▐▌▐ ▌▐▌▐ ▌▐▌▐ ▌▐▌▐ ▌▐▌▐ ▌▐▌▐ ▌▐▌▐ ▌▐▌▐ ▌▐▌▐ ▌▐▌▐ ▌▐▌▐ ▌▐▌▐

Hi Matty

here are my proposals ▼

....hope you like it

▌▐ ▌▐▌▐ ▌▐▌▐ ▌▐▌▐ ▌▐▌▐ ▌▐▌▐ ▌▐▌▐ ▌▐▌▐ ▌▐▌▐ ▌▐▌▐ ▌▐▌▐ ▌▐▌▐ ▌▐▌▐ ▌▐▌▐ ▌▐▌▐ ▌▐▌▐

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Hi Matty!

I decided to try a version without watches or eyes, so I propose this


What do you think?

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Dear Client , I participated in your proposal to create a visual identity for what i would be grateful if you'll take a look.

Sincerely, Diana Secrieru

Link: http://stocklogos.com/logo/wewatchshopcom-15

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Hi Matty,

You'll be able to see my design submission soon: http://stocklogos.com/logo/we-watch-shop-0

It's modern and simple yet there is an expressive feel to it.

Hope you enjoy!

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Please take a look at my version:

preview: http://stocklogos.com/sites/default/files/imagecache/logo_preview/logos/image/21c4466a17461d55d07b27f94b7b7867.png

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SOLD: http://stocklogos.com/logo/wewatchshopcom-8