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Send Some Love

Create a logo that aligns with our brand of offering shoebox gifts packed with toys and items for children who have suffered from the worst tradegy imaginable.

It is our goal to end slavery, sexual abuse, sex trafficking in our lifetime. But until then it is our mission to offer a gift of hope and happiness to help the process of healing begin for those who have been abused.

Please note. We are a brand new non-profit that has little funds. This logo design is more a labor of love for those who feel led to help. We can only offer $100 dollars, but we firmly believe our organization will be a global non-profit and force for good over evil. That being said, the logo we choose will be seen all over the world.

Please also note, if we do not choose your logo, please change the name from "Send Some Love" to something else at your discretion before offering it for sale. We are currently forming our non-profit and want to be as safe as possible with how the message and the branding gets out into the public.

We do not have a website yet, but will be working on one.
To find our more about the abuses of sex-trafficking please visit.


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Dear Designers. Do not post links to your profile, to logos that are not made for this brief or to your personal information. It's very confusing for our clients. The comments here are strictly to ask questions related to the brief.

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Thanks, I agree. He can provide feedback on your logo pages or here. You don't need to post links to unpublished logos for this purpose.

SoGoodLogos's picture

i completely agree that no need to post links to any logo
but we need feedback , this closer this is away, like that ... generally
Thank you all

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Admin, why my proposals take more than one day and a half, to be published?

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All of these look amazing, right now I don't want to limit the creativity because every option is really good. We will have a vote on Wednesday might. Please remember that we can only pick one logo and I know no one is making much on this. But by the sheer fact of submitting a logo you are helping our cause, so even if we do not pick your logo, please remember you stilled helped by giving us a look at your creativity and I know you will be blessed for it. Craig

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Logo in the form of color envelopes which move on a vicious circle.
Feedback is appreciated.
Thank you :)

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Hi Rayshine,

Could you please confirm: Is the logo being printed on top of the shoebox (or what).

This is important to consider when choosing a logo, too. The logos that have been built more horizontally, and are appearing smaller than the ones built as a square, will actually end up being larger as they have been built proportionately to a typical shoebox dimension.

rayshine's picture

That is a great question. Please see the above as an example of how it's going to be printed. I think it will be bigger on the top of the box, and maybe a smaller representation on the side.

Thanks again!

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@Avalikmom, that's a good question. After all, if the logo is to be printed on a box, then it makes less sense to incorporate a box in the logo, right?

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Hi Craig, can I ask, do you want to avoid Christian symbolism within the design? Not necessarily a cross, but anything that might tie it down to one specific denomination? I have an idea brewing but it may not be appropriate. Cheers, Derren.

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I think it might be cool to see one with some Christian symbolism, if that was what you were planning let's take a look! Thank you!

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I've uploaded my suggestion, please wait for it.


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Dear Craig, please wait while my proposal is being processed. Probably it will not be visible tomorrow because the process takes about 24 hours.

Thank you,
Diana Secrieru

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Hello Craig,

I uploaded my proposal. It's in hold line until its approval, please wait until it becomes available for public viewing.


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To quote Ivan:

Dear Designers. Do not post links to your profile, to logos that are not made for this brief or to your personal information. It's very confusing for our clients.

"The comments here are strictly to ask questions related to the brief!"

The client doesn't need telling that you've uploaded a logo. Ivan has asked that we all stop doing this, so please don't. I'm interested in this brief and have been looking for updates or news regarding it's development, and it's tricky to see fresh information if we all have to trawl through designers comments about logo uploads.

Cheers guys!

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I agree the client doesn't need to know you uploaded a logo, until you read the brief that says:


I think it's relevant for the client to know that there are other options that were submited before that deadline, but they're in hold line.

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Client claimed the deadline and designers know how long it takes to publish logo, so they should adjust to that. I think.

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Hello all My name is Jennifer, I like all the logos created for us. They have really inspired us and some of them made us smile. Thanks for all the effort. We have chosen one of these to use as well and look forward to working with y'all again in the future. <3

meler's picture

Can you show all of us, which one you have chosen?

sendsomelove's picture

Well we had some issues getting all of the team behind the logo we wanted to buy. The broken key hole was the one that was picked first but as the founder I just didn't have that fuzzy feeling about it. Then I saw the blue bird and fell in love with it, as well as several board members and friends. It is my fave! The cofounder wants the "professional" look like the broken. Keyhole and I want a professional look as well but that keeps the vision of sending love hope and joy. So now we are torn between bird and keyhole. We will extend the date and see what else all you talented people can do.

sendsomelove's picture

I would like to add that our vision extends beyond shoeboxes. We would like to approach major companies like cosmetic and hair and toiletry companies about providing care items to safe houses and ministries serving rescued slaves. We also want to help provide clothing and school supplies to victims. Also books movies and cards. We would love to put together after care counseling sessions and group studies for the victims to le arn and grow through.'s picture

Hi Jennifer.
Thank you for a good explanation and as a maker of "key hole" i understand your bifurcation.
Perhaps you've guessed, the idea of broken keyhole is that child's mind will be burdened and locked for a very long time, even now free. The only way to unlock their feelings is "Send Some Love". The idea i radical an stays away from "sending" to give you the opportunity for future development of charity.
On the other hand "the bird" is very good symbol - his first creator is Da Vinci and so far no better fictional symbol of peace, love and humanity.
My best regards,

sendsomelove's picture

One more thing about SSL most of the victims that we want to serve are teens and young adults. There are children as well but I would say the majority of rescued people are 13 to 27. We are dealing with a wide range of ages, even the older victims may have been in the "buisiness" for years and may have stopped mentally maturing from all the abuse. Some victims may have children of their own or families to support back home. I would say the majority are single, good looking females age 13 is the average at abduction but rescue unfortunately can come years later. We also have a large event in July serving the war slave in mostly Africa. We may or may not need another logo for that initiative. Y'all are amazing please keep up the good work and I promise we will make a decision soon.'s picture

Hi Jennifer,
Here is a new version of "the broken key hole":
Primary you'll see 2 hands and on second level is the key hole.
my best.

Avalikmom's picture

Hi sendsomelove

Should the rest of us change the name of our logos now? – regarding your request in the brief.

sendsomelove's picture

We are still in the deciding process so don't worry about that at the moment :) still haven't found the one we can all agree on

sendsomelove's picture

There is a Character called Danboard or Danbo for short he is a really cute little box guy. Was wondering if anyone could make something in that style, just not copyrighted. You can google him.

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Is there enough time to upload a new design here? can Ivan manage to approve it within a day? I've an idea to post.

craftsman's picture

Yes I uploaded all in a hurry and here it is

sendsomelove's picture

yes we are we still looking. We missed our original deadline and will be voting on a logo as soon as we find a few that work well. Some like the key hole but for me it is a little to serious and I would like to see something a little less heavy feeling. Others like the blue bird but we feel it is too young looking. I would love to see more birds and more keyhole designs. I drew up a few things to give the designers some ideas, is there a way to show those?

NancyCarterDesign's picture

You can upload them to someplace like photobucket and paste a link here. :)

luisiko's picture

When is the new deadline? I've uploaded a new logo, it should be available for public viewing soon. Thanks.

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I think that all of us, should offer our logos in 100 dollars (which is the minimum that can be).....this work is for a Non-profit organization, that will help other people

manug82's picture

My last proposals


marti90's picture

mmmmh...they have not chosen yet? or they have not chosen because they aren't going to buy one of our logos?
sorry, but I'm new member and I don't know all rules!