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HüB ACT Consultoria

Create a positive impact when you see the logo.
An image that reflects something positive, synergic, simple, powerful, interesting, clean.
We want to create a company that will inspire a lot of people.

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Siny's picture

Hi Arthur Ranieri,

A couple of things:

1. Your company name is: HB Consulting OR HUB (with two dots above the letter "U")?

2. To facilitate the process of creating the right logo for your business - have you found some logos here (on StockLogos) that you like?

If you have - please put those logos in your favorites folder.

This will serve as our guideline to design your logo much quickly.

We WILL NOT copy those logo(s) - but we'll use those to see what "look & feel" is acceptable for you in logo design.

Thank you!



fk7951's picture

Yah, agree with Siny. It will be just for reference and your interests.

Arthur Ranieri's picture

Thanks Siny!

The company name is HüB (with two dots above U).

I will choose some logos.


Arthur Ranieri's picture

Sorry Siny,
I deleted your last comment.

You asked me if the company has German roots, right?

We have Brazilian roots.
We like to use the dots above the letter "U", because it means a kind of magnet for us.

Siny's picture

No, problem Arthur!

BTW, I have posted my proposal- BUT I'm have not considered your latest brief update regarding some name changes and slogans....

But, if you'll like the logo - I'll change it for FREE upon purchase.


Arthur Ranieri's picture

Hello everybody,

I`d like to try, if it's possible, 3 different versions of the same:

1 - Only with the words HüB Consulting
2 - Using HüB Consulting and more three words in portuguese "Aprendizagem, Coaching, Treinamento. They mean Learning, Coaching and Training in english
3 - Using HüB ACT Consulting (ACT represents the initiais of the word Aprendizagem, Coaching and Treinamento)

mortimar's picture

hello so you don't need any artwork on the logo only fancy writing of this words?

ApplexDesign's picture
I think this logo is perfect for your business.
Do not hesitate to bid

Arthur Ranieri's picture

Thanks for the job.

I like the main idea.
What do you think to try with other color combination.
The word HuB is too tall.

Sorry, but the price is what see there?

MSG's picture

Please have a look one of my proposal:
Any comment would be welcome.
Thank you

Arthur Ranieri's picture


Thanks for the job.

I like the ideia of having the artwork beside the words.
I don't like the ideia of having a black square at the art work.
I imagine more than three elements at the artwork.

Avalikmom's picture

Ready for viewing:

Feedback is appreciated.

Arthur Ranieri's picture

Thanks for the job.

Actually, geometrical forms are very welcome but I dont't like the 3D forms.
The ideia of radar does not reflect the concept we are looking for.

Something ligther I imagine

Arthur Ranieri's picture

Hello everybody!

Thank you for the jobs until this moment.

My partners and I decided to adjust the main name of the company.

The briefing is the same. We only change the name. Now is HüB ACT Consultoria (ACT are the initials of Aprendizagem, Coaching, Treinamento and Consultoria is the word in portuguese for consulting).

Thanks in advance.

MSG's picture

Don't you think this logo will fit to your brief with the name change?
Any comment would be welcome.
Thank you.

Arthur Ranieri's picture

I like.
The only thing is that I am looking for some artwork with more elements of connection.

aadi_kill's picture


Following are my few designs that I guess suits with your idea of logo.

Colour/Font changes can be made easily.

Thank You,

eMindz's picture


Please review this logo here:

Click here for another upgraded version with more depth:

Hope this can be a solution. Your feedback will be much appreciated.

Check my profile for other possibilities.



eMindz's picture

Hi Mr. Arthur Ranieri,

I have another solution here:
You can also view its other versions here:

I am sure that you will like the idea. Please give feedback and oblige.

Best regards,


Diana Secrieru's picture

Dear Arthur Ranieri, I participated in your proposal to create a visual identity for what i would be grateful if you'll take a look.

I have 5 versions for your logo but unfortunately the site doesn't allow to be published because in all of them, the unique modification is the logo information.

But of course, if you are interested in my proposal, there are many ways to show you my staff.

btw, im portuguese [ olá ].

Sincerely, Diana Secrieru


PS: missing more than three proposals to be published.

Arthur Ranieri's picture

Oi Diana,
Como vai?

Eu gosto da ideia geral.

O que penso para o logo é algo sem brilho, colorido mas sem cores sobrepostas. Cores chapadas.

Onde posso ver as outras opções?

Muito obrigado!

Diana Secrieru's picture

Está bem. Então basta mudar do gradiente para cores sólidas. O problema é qe so estará disponível no site
dentro de 1 dia e algumas horas... só se quiser que lhe envie por email, acho que seria uma boa maneira de visualização rápida.

Obrigada pela resposta,

Diana Secrieru

PS: se quiser que modifique mais alguma coisa, esteja a vontade. Já agora, o nome final será HB ACT Consultoria, certo?

Diana Secrieru's picture

Ok, então vou agora enviar-lhe um pdf com o nome modificado e com algo relacionado com yantras.

Diana Secrieru

aadi_kill's picture

Please don't provide your contact information unless & until you purchase the logo.
Its against the rule & regulations of the site.

Arthur Ranieri's picture

I am so sorry!
I didn't know. I deleted it.
Thank you for the information.

aadi_kill's picture


I have made few changes in these logos.

Here are the preview links:-

Please take a look.

Thank You,

Arthur Ranieri's picture

I think is too female.
What about to use this font bellow

Maybe 2 or 3 colors only

Phunkmonster's picture

Hi Arthur, if you get time are you going to comment on all submissions done to the brief?

Phunkmonster's picture

BTW, I have three submissions here, and two more pending approval:


Regards, Derren.

Arthur Ranieri's picture

The colors are weak for me.
I leke the ideia of yantras...

Avalikmom's picture

Ready for viewing:

Arthur Ranieri's picture

Hello everybody!!!

I really appreciate the effort of you all until this point. Thank you very much.

After seeing the infinity of possibilities, I've been thinking about what image could show the meaning of HüB ACT Consultoria and I've just attached an image that can be useful for you guys.

The main difference is that I would like to have a star with 8 sides (the image has 6)
The circle has to be divided in 16 parts (the image has 12)

Of course you are free to put your talents and creativity.

Thanks in advance.


victorvianatjd's picture

Arthur, já apareceram umas opções legais no meio. Tente manter uma conectividade com os autores dessas que estão bem encaminhadas. Vai sair um produto legal. Novas sugestões vão aparecer.

Boa sorte. Sou brasuca também, mas estou sem possibilidades para o seu trabalho no momento.


ZILLO's picture

Hi Arthur Ranieri

This my proposal :

name, color and layout can be changed after purchase ..


Coconuts Art

farhanzee's picture

hey Arthur Ranieri

here is another one with 8 side star

have a look

factorycreative's picture

Dear Arthur Ranieri,

You can find our proposal here:

Please take a look.

Thank You,

brunoguedesbsb's picture

Olá Arthur Ranieri,
ficaria agradecido se pudesse dar uma olhada nestas:

desde já grato,

Bruno guedes!

oct_blk's picture

here are my proposals:
pending for aproval

for now you can see the sample of this 3 logos and theirs variation here:

thanks and have a nice day!

MSG's picture

Here are two new concepts:üb-act-consultoria-2üb-act-consultoriab

Any comment would be welcome.
Thank you

Luigui's picture

here is my proposal

any coment will be welcome i hope you like it & blessings on your company

Nuyu's picture

Hi Arthur,

Here’s my concept proposals based on your brief and new comments.üb-act-consultoriac1üb-act-consultoriac2

The logos will be available to view in 24 hours, feedback would be great.


PV art's picture

Hi Arthur Ranieri,

Here is my logo submission, viewable soon:üb-act-consultoria-4


DeepBlue's picture

Please check my proposed logo for your business:

3 color variations are included to choose from.

Arobins24's picture

How about these?

craftsman's picture

Hello Arthur Ranieri,

Please check my 2 suggestions and let me know your feedback.


eMindz's picture

Dear Mr. Arthur,

Here is another solution for you:
Please review. Feedback will be much appreciated.


manug82's picture

Oi Arthur, aqui estão as minhas últimas propostasüb-act-consultoria-2-0üb-act-consultoria-4-0üb-act-consultoria-1-0üb-act-consultoria-5

Espero que gostem

adesigner's picture

Take a look at my logos.

Thank you,

eMindz's picture updated. Please review and comment. Thanks!