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Bürgler Consulting

Base should be a kind of ZANG GROWTH Logo in addition with the letter "B" for
Bürgler placed at the start of the two lines on the left side. The "B" letter could
be linked with these two lines and could be a swung line like ß.


dry_cleaner's picture

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am currently working on the design for your brief.
In the meantime, take a look at my other works, which may be either INSPIRING or suitable for you requirements.

Make the best choice,

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Hi ursbuergler,

Here's my proposal:

Comments are welcome.


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Hi , this is my proposal for your logo. It is not always easy to fully reach
the target first time, so please feel free to ask amendments according to
your requirement.
Your feedback will be appreciated
Best Regards
Fabrizio C.

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Hi ursbuergler,

Here's is another one but different have a look

Comments are welcome.


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Hi ursbuergler..
Here's my proposal:

Comments are welcome.

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Here is my proposal for you:
The link will be available in 24hrs.
Please if you want to change something just ask :)

Best regards,
Jessica Rocha (Alexis)

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Hi ursbuergler,

here you can find a modern proposal for your brief:

Let me know if you'd like to see some variations.


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▌▐ ▌▐▌▐ ▌▐▌▐ ▌▐▌▐ ▌▐▌▐ ▌▐▌▐ ▌▐▌▐ ▌▐▌▐ ▌▐▌▐ ▌▐▌▐ ▌▐▌▐ ▌▐▌▐

Best Regards

here are my 2 proposals ▼

....hope you like it

▌▐ ▌▐▌▐ ▌▐▌▐ ▌▐▌▐ ▌▐▌▐ ▌▐▌▐ ▌▐▌▐ ▌▐▌▐ ▌▐▌▐ ▌▐▌▐ ▌▐▌▐ ▌▐▌▐

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yeah! but not confirmed if the BH bought it.

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Hi this are my proposals

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Dear Client , I participated in your proposal to create a visual identity for what i would be grateful if you'll take a look.

Sincerely, Diana Secrieru