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Sold Logo: bad ass

ID: 51463, Designer: NancyCarterDesign Posted: Tue, 11/15/2011 - 20:22

Logo details


This mad, bad donkey is staring you down! He's got attitude and not afraid to chow it! What a stubborn mule!

Possible uses


Included in price

  • Full and exclusive rights to logo. Sold only once.
  • Formats: EPS, PNG. Also available on request: JPG, PDF, etc.
  • Price includes: text, colour, minor design changes.
  • Watermark removed from logo artwork.
  • Designer name and email information.
  • Designer available for further work.

Copyright info

Rights have been transferred to the client, MarkLogos from designer, NancyCarterDesign.


mickeyy's picture

btw nancy, by the number of sales I saw you're one "big boss" around here, can you give me your mail to talk something? only if you have time.. thanks.

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I'm gonna ask you here, maybe Ivan would think I wanna cheat him and that's not the case, did the other sites like logopond, logofaves logospire etc etc etc draw more sales in directioning your logos here (you can't buy from them) and if so, by what percent ? if you can remember the time when you showcased your porfolio there and the time when you we're only here, or did you showcased everywhere at the same time? :D I would appreciate if you can guide me with some details pls. Thanks !

NancyCarterDesign's picture

I don't think that I have made any sales as a direct result of my off-site efforts (blogging, pinterest, twitter, and logomix). My thinking is that any traffic to SL benefits me with increase potential sales. I suspect that the Nerd logo sale might have been helped by tweeting - but I have no way of knowing. I've had very few direct inquiries outside of SL - but just this last week I received 3 separate inquiries on logos I have up on LogoMix. Never had any before. Oddly, despite links to SL, they all asked for prices. Go figure. Never heard back from any of them.

There's lots of information shares in this thread. Love your feedback and input!

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as you can see I wanna increase my sales and I need a logo-guide :D Thanks again !

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I think people does'nt enter a site like logopond etc to buy a design... they're all sellers wombling around the internet asking questions, bragging, and see other's bragging material :)) .From what you said, my thoughts we're right so, instead, I'mm gonna keep creating. Thanks for the info.

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this font is terrible :D what have you used ?

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less than two weeks from upload...are buying yourself the logos? :)) congrats on the sale !

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Congrats Nancy, love that "bad ass" logo!