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craftsman's picture

Sold logo in use, but may be not by the buyer

This is one of my old logo (, which is already sold. But today I found it on a website (link - , which I think is not the same buyer. Of-course I'm not sure.

Dear Admin can you...

1 day 1 hour ago
jukesie's picture

Aesthetically not good enough.

Hi All,

I am writing regarding this recent logo upload I made for the store.

I used it for a contest some time ago, it was "liked" but not a winner.

I then entered it to the store at which time it was accepted by SL.

I removed it later on to use it in a contest once again. It was again "liked" but not chosen as winner. No problem.

Now I've come to add it again to the store and I am receiving...

6 days 20 hours ago
mattwilliamsart's picture


Hello, I have been a member of your site for a few years, and have only posted 3 logos the entire time. I sold one in 2010 I believe, got a check a couple months later, and I sold a logo a couple weeks ago. I was waiting on my check to come in when I realized that you don't send payments until a member has at least $200 credit, so I switched my payment to paypal. It's been right at a week since I switched it, and was just...

5 days 16 hours ago
Luca_'s picture

EPS unnecessary stray points


I have a slight problem with uploading logos properly here. First of all I'd like to thank whoever is reviewing my logos for his/her patience. I still make some mistakes, but those can be easily fixed. Now I got this reason:

"Please remove unnecessary elements; your design contains stray hidden text."

The problem is that there aren't any loose points or hidden text. I tried to do path cleaning, but it...

22 hours 47 min ago
Phunkmonster's picture

Error uploading logos?

Anyone else here having issues uploading logos at the moment. Ivan is aware that I'm having issues, is anyone else? Just out of curiosity really. Tried on Safari, Chrome and Firefox and no joy :(

1 year 8 months ago
XBlueDivision's picture

Bug - Avatar Pic


uploading a store logo deletes the avatar pic.
Does anyone else have the same problem?


1 month 1 week ago
ghostd7's picture

Typographic logo designs

Hey guys.

I just wanted to show you some of my typography work and of course to get some constructive criticism from more experienced designers for what i can improve. For some of them i used font for basics but i tried to modify it to be unique typographic design but for most i strarted from zero. Some of them are created for here and some for other contest sites but they weren't choosen from the clients. The sad thing...

3 years 1 month ago
leo-logos's picture

Not receive an automatic message

Today I uploaded 3 design, but the message did not come automatically. And it's not the message that yesterday my logo was sold. And the design which I downloaded 2 weeks 3 days ago, did not look too. What are your forecasts? How long will last the difficulties.

1 month 2 weeks ago
co-admin's picture

Unsold logos in use - Part.4 (read opening post, please)

Your logos are copyrighted.

Using Google Search by Image or TinEye, you can search for cases of copyright infringement.

If you find that one of your unsold logos is used by a third party, start by contacting them and politely ask them to either buy the logo to...

5 months 3 weeks ago
albiii's picture

Store Logos not published after 1 month

I have a bunch of unpublished logos, which I uploaded about a month ago (3 weeks for most of them). I know that it sometimes takes a while for them to be approved / rejected and I respect that, but I think that this is taking more than it should... what's the status on this issue? Thanks!

3 weeks 17 hours ago